Welcome!Our clients become like our family during the planning process. We go through everything you go through, and we are happiest when you're happy. That is our goal, and it is always a little bitter-sweet after a wedding is over and our professional relationship ends.

Hearing from our past brides, our friends, about how we really made a difference in their lives by helping their dreams come true is what we truly love, what we live for, and why we do this job.


Well we are back from Greece and it was the prettiest place ever. It was a perfect Honeymoon following a perfect wedding. I want to thank you for everything you did to make this day so wonderful. The flowers, the cake, the music and your staff were everything I hoped for. I am so thankful that you saw my vision and made it happen. You are a wonderful person and coordinator and I am so fortunate to have been able to work with you. I am still getting comments about how perfect everything was and how smoothly the reception went. I would not have changed anything and that means so much to me.

Also, I want to personally thank both you and Julie for helping me with my emotions that day. That was so out of character for me and you guys really took the time to help chill me out. You guys are true life savers. In the future, when any of my friends tell me that they are getting married, I am totally referring them to you. I am very impressed with everything and I am still in shock that everything fell into place so perfectly.

Thank you again and I will miss you.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Anne Muhlenberg


I could not have said it better. Thanks for all your hard work, time, patience and understanding. There is no possible way our wedding would have been half as opulent, beautiful or comfortable without you and your team. Thanks again for helping us create it all and for celebrating with us. I as well will be recommending you with high regard.

Best Regards,

Mr. Justin Muhlenberg

Hi Tina!

Thank you all again for everything that you all did to make it such a wonderful evening. Chris and I were talking – nothing went wrong! I kept wondering what it was going to be (you know what a worrier I am!)…but absolutely nothing went wrong…everything was better than expected! Can’t wait for photos!!!

Please stay in touch!

Erica Sanders-Welch

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our day could not have turned out more beautifully and our parents were thrilled with all of our choices (you made us look so smart). You were right about the Westin Riverwalk; you really made it work for our budget, such a beautiful setting and their staff and food were nothing short of fabulous.

Can we do this every year???

– Chandra

Tina, sorry this is so short, work is never ending… but thank you again for all of you hard work! The wedding was more than we dreamed of!


Ashley Lewis


Planning a wedding in your own backyard is a lot of work, but doing it from across an ocean, daunting to say the least! You were there every step of the way to patiently answer questions and make me laugh when I needed it!

Your staff is truly amazing! They knew what I needed on my wedding day before I did. Thank you so much for helping us create such a beautiful day. We’re telling everyone on both continents about Diamonds & Dreams.


Wow, the details that go into a wedding. We truly had no clue how the “little things” can add up so quickly on a tight budget.

Thank goodness you were there to guide us through the maze. We had so much fun and our guests are still talking about how great the day was.

And the best part of my day (besides my new husband), my mom didn’t have to do ANYTHING but dance and have fun. We’ll never forget you.

--- Jean-Marie

Not sure where to begin, I loved you from the moment I met you. I have always dreamed, as any other girl I’m sure, of a magical wedding day. And after my first meeting with you, I was hooked. I knew my day was going to be perfect!

The ideas you had and the attention you gave me and my mom was incredible. You held my hand through every bit of it. I’m sure I annoyed you quite often by emailing you ten dozen times every day with ideas and questions. But it was so much fun and I loved every minute of it. You made it fun, not stressful. You could always find a way to make a joke out of everything. When things got intense you made the room laugh.

I still have people come up to me from my home town and say to me how incredible my wedding was. Between Emily’s wedding and mine, we had the most spectacular weddings Karnes County has ever seen. Maybe I’m just biased. :) But they were pretty awesome.

Every detail counted and I remember walking into the reception and my mouth just dropped. I started crying. I couldn’t believe it. My wedding was perfect! You had made it an unbelievable day. Your personality and energy made the wedding what it was. You handled everything remarkably. The one thing I had wanted from the beginning was someone to handle it all, I didn’t want my mother doing everything on the day of the wedding. I wanted her with me.

Not only was the day beautiful but you had the best contacts for any type of wedding. You were with me at every single meeting and helped out with ideas and plans. Everything went so well but the people we hired were professional and all did such a great job. They all got along and everyone fit in perfectly. This was a huge plus seeing as how I had no direction at all when I first got engaged. I knew I wanted my wedding to be in my hometown and I was afraid I’d be stuck using local vendors or that the good ones wouldn’t travel. But you made it all happen. I had all the best vendors so my wedding, even though it was in a HALL :), was just as beautiful as any San Antonio wedding in my opinion. You transformed that place into something spectacular.

Well, I keep rambling, I could go on and on. But all in all, you and your company did a wonderful job for my wedding. I loved everyone that worked with you that day. They made it very special for me. Not only were you my wedding coordinator, but you were a GREAT friend! I couldn’t have asked for anything more from a wedding planner. You did a fabulous job and I highly recommend you to everyone I know who is getting married. Not sure if I ever actually thanked you properly. I hope this makes up for it. You have no idea how special you are to me and how perfect you made my wedding day. I could never have imagined it any better!

Love you :*

Amy jordan-Gingrich

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