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Why Hire a Consultant? Do I really need one?

Because we do this for a living.

Consider the many details handled daily by professionals in your lives. Doctors, attorneys, realtors, financial planners. You wouldn’t dream of handling any legal, financial or even health issues without the advice of these trained professionals, right?

You should do the same with your wedding. Weddings can be one of the most expensive undertakings you will experience. Not to mention that it typically takes at least 250 hours to plan a wedding today. Unlike brides of the past, some couples really do not have the time to devote to building a beautiful wedding.

Hiring a consultant can also save you TIME! Do you really have time to compare all the options in an effort to make sure you get the best deal and to make sure all the details are in place?

Diamonds & Dreams is not here to make decisions for you, but to assist you in making informed decisions. Our training, knowledge and experience will turn your expectations into a reality. We want you to host a beautiful and distinctive event with no worries. Remember you should enjoy your wedding and not dread having to interview yet another vendor.

Diamonds & Dreams is here to alleviate that pressure AND make sure you have fun along the way! We want you to remember it always as one of the greatest events of your life!

Can we afford a consultant? Cost vs. Value.

How valuable is it to know all your vendors are professionals, efficient, and reliable in servicing your day beyond your expectations? How valuable is it to know that emergencies or last minute errands will be handled without your knowledge by trained and caring individuals who only have YOUR best interests at heart?

How valuable is it to know that your mom or sister or even best friend gets to stay with you all during your wedding day and not have to be point of contact to at least a million questions from vendors and guests?

Can you afford a consultant? A consultant should be the first thing you budget for in order to ensure you get the best quality vendors, the best products in your area with the least amount of time spent locating them. A consultant will guide you during the ENTIRE process – a GREAT VALUE.

What should I look for in a consultant?

One critical factor to keep in mind in your decision making process; all certified wedding consultants are trained to do exactly the same job. But it’s the chemistry and professionalism that sets one consultant out from the other. Our suggestion would be to meet and talk with more than one consulting firm and then make up your mind who you feel is the best “fit” for you and your intended!

Most reputable consultants offer a complimentary interview, so it won’t cost you anything to meet with them. Remember, you will have to deal with this consulting firm for a number of months. Makes sense to “like” the person you’re hiring in addition to trusting that they can help make the experience enjoyable and memorable.

What about your staff?

We’re glad you asked! Diamonds & Dreams has a very talented, personally trained and dedicated part-time staff ready to help out as needed. Please click here for more detailed information on our staff.

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