Welcome! Hello, I am Tina Humphrey, Certified Wedding Consultant and proud owner of Diamonds & Dreams. Since the very inception of Diamonds & Dreams my philosophy has been to make your event a sparkling success.

I believe that it’s the little things that count, so I devote personal attention to every detail with you. I’ve made it my personal goal to create a wedding that is uniquely YOU.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to preview Diamonds & Dreams. I’m wishing you not only a fabulous event, but a very long and happy marriage.

Our Great Staff Is dedicated to making your dreams come true!

Certified Wedding Consultant/Director and Owner
Tina Humphrey
For nearly 13 years, Tina was involved in the coordination of all manner of social and corporate events for the professionals she worked with. Taking her natural penchant for chaos control to the professional level in 2001, she began the educational foundation for her own consulting business.

In 2003, Tina left the corporate world as Executive Administrative Assistant to three extremely busy, corporate heads to strike out on her own. Administration and day-to-day operations are accomplished from her home, but she also maintains a San Antonio office specifically geared to brainstorming with clients and the planning and orchestration of weddings and life’s other milestone events.

Originally from a small town in central Texas, Tina currently lives in a small suburb of San Antonio with her husband of over 30 years, their new addition, Maggie, their 2 year old foster daughter, seven “country” cats and one very spoiled poodle, Phoebe. Tina is also a proud mom to two grown sons and delights in her two beautiful granddaughters.

She celebrates the fact that Diamonds & Dreams is focused on milestone moments.
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Senior Associate/Director
Leslie Garcia
Leslie is first and foremost a mom and a wife. Next to God, nothing is more important to her than family. She is also a full time mortgage professional and has to juggle a million details a day. She is excellent at customer service with Diamonds & Dreams and has an eye for decor and design. Nothing goes out that she hasn't checked a dozen times to ensure perfection. Leslie came on board with Diamonds & Dreams first as a friend, but then we quickly realized how well suited she was for this business. She loves making your family feel like HER family.

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Senior Associate/Director
Kristye Golly
Kristye is actually a past bride of Diamonds & Dreams. Her organization and follow through was so outstanding during the planning process (and the fact that she loves ANY type of party) that Tina had to keep her! She has proven herself invaluable to Diamonds & Dreams time and time again. She graduated from Texas Lutheran University in 2002 with a B.A. in Communication Studies. Kristye works full time in New Braunfels at the corporate offices of one of the largest trucking firms in the US. Her attention to detail in this job makes her worth her weight in gold (wait a minute, Kristye doesn't weigh very much...let's just say Diamonds & Dreams would miss her terribly were she to leave!) Kristye stays on top of trends and fashion on both coasts and Tina picks her brain pretty much daily to see what's out there that she should be showing clients. Kristye has been happily married to Jeff for 3 years now and they are pursuing parenthood.

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Senior Associate/Director
Julie Traina
Julie is deeply entrenched in the hospitality business, working at a very upscale restaurant in SA as well as finishing up her education. She is quick, quick witted and she does hair and makeup which is great for windy/rainy days for our brides! Julie has also proven herself to Diamonds & Dreams many, many times (she scares us sometimes how quickly she can come up with "fixes"...maybe she's not human....Can you say McGyver Wedding Director?? A quick thinking partner is a commodity every business needs on their side, and we're lucky she's agreed to work with us! (even though she tells me I don't pay very well!!) ;) Julie is recently engaged and we’re waiting on the date to be set. We are eyeing 2010!
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Rebecca Mires
Rebecca came into this company with both guns blazing! Seriously, she assisted at one of our events, coming in very last minute (someone called in sick). The result? She absolutely meshed with our vendors and the rest of the staff. She didn't need a lot of direction and was always "forward thinking" which is a must in the industry. Some people have that ability and some do not. Rebecca HAS IT! Needless to say, there was no interning for Rebecca..(of course Tina didn't tell her that up front, she would have asked for more money! )...she is definitely Diamonds & Dreams material! We love Becca and it doesn’t hurt that she’s an accountant and can assist Tina with the bottom line at the office.

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Toni Schach
Toni contacted Diamonds & Dreams explaining she was interested in working in the planning portion of the wedding industry. We get a LOT of "I want to work weddings" emails, resumes, phone calls, etc. But Toni's request stood out, so we began a dialogue. Tina explained to her the company’s goals, expectations and dreams and asked Toni about hers. Toni worked a wedding with us that month, and as it turned out, that wedding (as great as it was planned on our end), required a LOT more help than anticipated. As anyone who knows Diamonds & Dreams can tell you, there is nothing at an event that "isn't our job" so the things that came up (that really should have been handled by others on site) got handled by Tina’s crew....and Toni. She never stood around twiddling her thumbs, she jumped in and got the job done and then came and asked...what next? Toni is a gem and we’re hoping she stays for a long, long time! And did we mention, Toni’s fully engulfed in her education at Texas Tech University AND she's a career pageant contestant AND a part time race car driver? Diamonds & Dreams’ staff is WELL ROUNDED!

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Rebekah Miller
Rebekah is an arm’s length referral of one our directors. She came to a group meeting we held looking for more interns as we were really exploding onto the SA scene. Rebekah was very quiet at the meeting, and this concerned Tina because in this industry, you must be very vocal (not belligerent, just heard!) and Tina was afraid Beks was too timid. Tina did the follow up calls during the next week and one on one meetings and found Beks really personable and intelligent and of course, fun (fun is a mandatory trait with staff!). We asked her to work a few weddings with us to get a taste of what’s out there and needless to say… we think she’s awesome! Guests love her and she’s a go–getter. Rebekah’s “other job” in the medical field demands that she personally oversee hundreds of patients each week. Kiah needs to give her a massage!

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Associate/Director/Virtual Administrative Assistant
Erin Manganello
Erin is super creative and organized…. we decided she was best suited to help administratively… from afar! (In a good way!) Erin works from her home (which allows her time with her children and their two dachshunds) doing the administrative tasks assigned by Tina each week, and she is now helping with the marketing aspect of the business. She does initiation calls to vendors and potential clients and will soon be making follow up calls to current clients. She’s updating our database and mailing lists and helping to get photos and information on the new venues and caterers and florists and photographers and… you get the point! She is also a substitute teacher for the Judson ISD, a mom to three beautiful little girls. Erin is also getting married this year, in November, to her best friend, Ted. Erin has served her country as a Marine, served her community as a firefighter and EMT, and her family knows her as a globetrotter! Having this background makes her a definite asset to us….sometimes we need a strong marine to keep groomsmen in line!

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